DJ Vantera - eXistence

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DJ Vantera - eXistence

If you like this album you can buy for $ 9.99!
Here came stuped thing! I to send you disk with album need to ask from you $ 60.00 - 70.00 for shipping, no this time!!!
You can buy using PayPal and send to me email address, to send download link for the album in .rar file who have compressed .wav files spacial for 700 MB disk (for home, for your car) and full .wav 80+ MB for 1.4/4.7 GB disks. And for yor phone, PC, etc .mp3 files. Quality of all files in album are 100% HQ Studio made.

If you want can have original disk of DJ Vantera. Only need to send your home address to the impresario agency and they send ORIGINAL materials for your CD to look like picture in right. Price for materials is $ 1.99, music $ 9.99 and postal fees $ 11.89 or $ 23.87! Bad here you can wait 10+ day to get the materials to your home and made good looking CD!

Steps to buy album:
1. - select option from purchasing list and make payment.
2. - if you choose to buy only songs, within 24 hours you will get download link on your email address. For this is IMPORTANT to send your emai using the form below or to
3. - if you choose option with materials, send home address to send you CD cover and disk cover.
4.if you choose to buy songs and materials for your CD, send home address and after 10+ day you will get your materials. For songs you will get on your emal address within 24 hours download link, for this send REAL email address.
5. On all type of purchase is VERY IMPORTANT TO SEND TRANSACTION ID AND NAME OF THE ALBUM THAT YOU PURCHASE. If you dont send you don't get what you buy. The transaction id is in your right corner of email of PayPal or in the details in dashboard.

Album Songs


Name Description Price
Album songs All of the songs in three diferent formats compressed wav, wav, mp3. $ 9.99
Disk materials CD covers plus disk cover with DJ Vantera brand. $ 13.88
Songs + Materials You will get full pack for a small price for delivery. $ 23.87