House Music

House Music Is One Big international Party

Approximately couple years ago, House Music become a leading musical style, in clubs across the world. House Music create a bridge between European Community and United States of America.This is the begining of something very good for the young and non-orientated on both continents.

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Trance Music

Why We Fall in Love with Trance Music

One of the best musical genre is Trance music of course Wikipedia identifies Trance music, as a accumulation of musical loops blended with a advance of delicate and flying beats. All the same, call for a trance music lover of anyplace around the globe and ...

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ElectroDanceMusic or EDM

Electro Dance Music or EDM Domination

Electro Dance Music or EDM births long lived famous equally a remarkable interest. There is something inherently impractical just about the musical theme of the single creative person: a exclusive mind building an record album; one and only match of hands at control of the EDM music.

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Video Clips of DJ Vantera

This is the best of my video clips and I always publish Hi rate House Music, Trance music and Electro Dance Music (EDM). Enjoy it...

DJ Vantera - All in One

DJ Vantera - Autopilot

DJ Vantera - Choices

DJ Vantera - Closer