Electronic Dance Music and DJ Vantera

DJ VanteraWhat to say about myself, perhaps the more important and interesting things. Right from small, I fall down on music and especially on disco music. But as I grew up, I needed something different, so at 15 I found out the emerging rave music. I was skating and I enjoyed the rhythms of the rave music. Then I heard The Prodigy and I fell in love with them, so far to today. I needed to find more and more electronic music, I heard Carl Cox and many others, I was heading to the ocean of techno music. Drum and Bass, Minimal I was looking for more and more good Labels and DJ`s. Not long after, I started myself doing small trap-reads and jumped from software to software for making electronic music.

I started studying programming languages ​​to study the different subtleties of making electronic music. I wanted to become a DJ already, but first I was very young, and the Internet had not developed as he did now. I started slowly to learning, to talk with the different DJs, beginners, of course, because the big ones did not pay attention to us. The important thing was to remember the basic principles of making electronic music.

Then I had to go straight to the style I liked most. Soon after, I started making House music, a set after a set and people liked what I was doing. I knew about Trans music, but I did not pay attention because I thought I needed a vocal - but I was wrong! I started to do trans music very soon. I really enjoyed what I do - House music and Trans music! Now I'm only look Electro Dance Music or EDM and I really like this style, that does not mean I left House music and Trans music - now I'm doing all three.I start like DJ in clubs in Europe. Clubs in Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin. Only the present and the future will show if everything is worth it ...

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